Why Work With Us?

Your Media People is exceptionally skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of video marketing.  Creativity and deep attention to detail is what sets us apart from our competitors.  By choosing us, you will have comfort placing your company into our hands.


Our mission is to help YOU generate new quality leads by running effective sales funnels.  Everything we do is based on research and testing.  Only advertising methods that have proven themselves effective are focused on.  Utilizing Facebook and Google advertising is a must in the current digital world!

Providing useful information to your target audience will help establish you as an authoritative source in your real estate field.


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- Strategy and Research               

- Developing Sales Funnels          

- Landing Page Optimization       

- Building Email Lists                            



 - Video Production      

 - Designing Ads

 - Audience Building

 - Campaign Management


Understanding your target market is paramount to the success of marketing. Without proper research, a campaign is destined to fail. We devote our time to delving into what makes your customers tick, what they like and dislike, and what drives them to buy.


A well-developed strategy will communicate with your target market in the most effective way

possible. During this step, some important decisions are made such as where to advertise, what type of content is best to promote, what KPIs to track, and how to optimize your landing page to draw more customers.


Communicating a message that rings in your customers’ ears is very important. We will help you develop one that makes people feel good about buying your product or service. Throughout this step, we will continue to conduct research to ensure the message resonates effectively.




When you want the world to know your message, it can be difficult to decide which content will best express it. Your Media People creates content that allows your target market to see, hear and connect with your message and product. We get the word out through video, photography, articles, blogs, animations and more!

Before you invest large amounts of money into a campaign, we will test it to make sure it’s going to be effective. Through A & B testing, the market is sampled and results are analyzed for best performance. If the test doesn’t prove to be effective, we will fine tune the campaign until it is.

Now that we have a proven formula built for success, it is time to get down to business.  This phase is about scaling up the campaign budget and turning more eyes toward your product or service. With more interaction from consumers, higher sales and brand recognition will surely follow!