Why Advertise with us?

Facebook and Google are the leaders in online advertisement, that's why we focus on them when advertising for your company.

Advertising online allows you to target a very specific group of people who are interested and ready to buy your product or service.  The great thing about this is that no money will be wasted on placing ads in front of people that don't care or won't buy.  Being able to target such a precise niche audience is extremely effective and endlessly valuable.

But how do you know the right people are being targeted?

The answer is research and testing.  Before starting a campaign we spend a lot of time delving into what makes your customers tick, what they like and dislike, and what drives them to buy. Based on the information collected during research, a target audience is developed and tested.


To test the target audience, we run a low budget campaign and analyze the results. If the results don't prove to be successful, adjustments will be made to both the target audience and content of the ad. A full campaign will not be launched until positive results are seen in the tests. 

Producing creative content that resonates with your target audience and deeply engages them is a full time job.  Your Media People will do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus your time on improving the quality of your business and product. 

Creativity and extreme emphasis on proven methods of advertising is what sets us apart from our competitors.  We have a simple process: Research the market, pinpoint a target audience, and test marketing methods until we discover what speaks best. Our in-house video team, design department, and strategy development team will make sure everything is done effectively to meet your standards.

  • Strategy and Research 


  • Funnel Development

  • Audience Building


  • Ad Building


  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Copy Writing 

  • Split Testing


  • Campaign Management  

  • Email List Development



Emotional connection is key when building a relationship, and there’s no better way to invoke emotion than through video.

In the digital age, there is no piece of content more valuable than video. Your customers have come to expect it and the statistics support it.  Video content will increase your ranking on Google, build your customers’ trust, increase sales conversions, and help bring awareness to your brand.


According to a study conducted by Hubspot, Inc., after watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online. 

Before starting production on a video, we will meet with everyone involved to discuss the vision, as well as the expectations for the project.  After a plan is agreed upon, we will work with you to develop a formal, detailed story-board.  In addition to the story-boarding process, we will work out location availability, actor fees, prop necessities, scheduling and any other technical logistics before beginning production.
Once everything pertaining to the project is detailed and worked out, film production will begin. Before each video shoot, our team of producers will make sure all locations are secure, and that everyone involved is ready to go.  Before each scene, directors will focus lights, camera angles, and check set audio before any cameras start rolling.  Our video team is trained to be meticulous while on set.  It is important to get everything right the first time.

After all the footage is captured, it’s time to bring all the elements together.  The post production process includes editing, visual effects, motion-graphics, color-grading and sound design.  Our team uses a number of programs to finalize your project and ensure that your video is the best it can possibly be.

Pre- Production

On Set

Post Production

  • Animation


  • 3D Rendering


  • Product Photography

  • Aerial Video and Photography


  • Color Grading


  • Sound Design


  • Script Writing 


  • On Set Production

  • Video Editing


  • Practical Special Effects


  • Computer Graphics





It is necessary to follow-up your advertisements with a visually sound landing page and clear call to action. By keeping your site as simple and user-friendly as possible, you make it easy for customers to buy from you. There’s nothing worse than wanting to purchase a product, but getting confused and frustrated because of the website layout.

Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization.  Branding is about shaping that perception.


High-quality design makes all the difference when attracting new customers.  A dynamic first impression is achieved through a polished website, well-written copy, and an eye-catching logo. A unique look and feel is very important when establishing an identity that customers will trust and purchase from repeatedly. Our design team will help your company stand out from the bunch by giving a fresh and consistent look to all of your marketing content.

  • Website Design


  • Landing Page Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Identity Branding

  • Logo Design


  • 3D Modeling


  • Digital Banners




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